Birthplace of the Lingnan Culture

Founded in 214 BC, Panyu enjoys a long history of 2229 years. It has been a trading port, a piece of “land flowing with milk and honey”, and the birthplace of the Lingnan culture.

Panyu is a place with many outstanding persons. Li Maoying was quite famous in Song Dynasty, Li Suiqiu’s poems and paintings ranked first in late Ming Dynasty, and in early Qing Dynasty, Qu Dajun’s poetic rhyme was unique at that time. In modern times, Chen Pu’s poems, calligraphy and paintings enjoyed a reputation of “3 unique techniques”.
Daling Village is a representative of a watery land in Panyu with natural and primitive simplicity, the 400-year-old ancestral temple built with oyster shells is well preserved, and village houses enjoy a history of 800 years. It successively produced 5 successful candidates in the highest imperial examinations and 17 successful candidates in the provincial examinations in the history. It was named as “National Famous Village of History and Culture” jointly by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Construction.