Guangzhou South Railway Station Business District

Located in the Shibi Street in the northwest part of Panyu District, it is in the geographic center of Guangzhou-Foshan metropolitan area. The total planned land area is ​​3616 hectares, of which the core area is ​​451.47 hectares. It is positioned to develop into a South China Trade Center as a whole – South China hub port and integrated new business district, it will attract top talents and modern service industry to cluster and develop so as to make it become a regional grouping center of high-end service sector, and it will focus on the development of the 4 leading industries - commerce, business services, professional convention and exhibition, and leisure tourism.

We accelerate to build large public service platform of Guangdong Province for mainstay enterprises and new industry economic headquarters base of South China for medium- and large-sized backbone enterprises, promote setting-down of the permanent venue of the Pan-PRD Regional Cooperation and Development Forum and Trade Fair and the Pan-PRD Regional Cooperation Park, speed up the introduction of the advanced international service standards, work rules and management experiences, and strive to build the South Station Business District into an important node and core area to connect with the Pan-PRD region with the resources of the maritime Silk Road.