Guangzhou International Innovation City

Located in the northern part of Panyu District, covering a planned land area of about 7300 hectares, it mainly includes Guangzhou University City and southern bank area of Guangzhou University City. It is an international innovation park of the national modern service sector jointly built by the Ministry of Science and Technology and Guangdong Province and as well as the China-EU urbanization cooperation project of the first batch, and it is included in  The Pearl River – Xijiang River Economic Belt Development Plan of the State Council. Guangzhou Supercomputer Center in the park has the world's fastest computer “Tianhe-2”. Relying on rich scientific and educational resources of 12 universities including Sun Yat-sen University, State Industry Base of Digital Home Application and Demonstration, Guangzhou International Integrated Circuit Design Industrialization Center for Modern Service Industry, and Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center Health Industrial CEEUSRO Incubator Base, it is to vigorously develop big data and cloud computing, biological medicine, new materials, modern technology and service sector, and build the innovation city into a national independent innovation demonstration area, an international scientific and cooperation demonstration base and an innovative economic growth pole in the southern part of Guangzhou.