Panyu New Town

Covering an area of ​​1470 hectares, Panyu New Town is composed of the 4 blocks such as Wanbo Business District, Hanxi Business District, Chimelong Tourism Business District and Jinshanhu Area. Panyu Avenue, South China Expressway, Xinguang Expressway and Guangzhou Metro Lines 3 and 7 run through the city, so traffic is extremely accessible. There are various well-known real estate blocks of South China around the city and there are nearly one million high consumers.

Wanbo Business District covers an area of 150 hectares, with a total building area of ​​5,476,000 m2 (3,677,000 m2 on the ground, 1,799,000 m2 underground), and the estimated total investment is 36 billion yuan. It is positioned as a modern information service industry headquarters base, and it is a high-end business service center that integrates business offices, tourism, shopping, entertainment, leisure, hotel, convention and exhibition. Currently, Wanda Commercial Plaza and some other large commercial projects have been successfully opened.

Aoyuan City Tiandi Plaza and Poly Metropolitan in Hanxi Business District are under the construction, so a new business district is taking a preliminary shape.

Jinshanhu Area covers an area of about 110 hectares, including the cultural park, cultural SciTech park and cultural and sports center, according to the principle of “overall coordination and planning, phased implementation”, it focuses on the combination of man-made landscape and natural landscape,and combination of morale project and public utilities.To build it into an urban leisure and cultural platform integrating stylistic arts, cultural industry, leisure and tourism, and to build new people-benefit and fashion creative highlights.