Welcome to Panyu
Founded in 214 BC, Panyu has enjoyed a long history and profound cultural background and has been regarded as the birthplace of Lingnan culture. Magnificent history of the maritime Silk Road, sacred Lianhua landscape, Baomo Garden, and Cantonese elegance and talents have created countless fascinating poetic sceneries, which confirms that Panyu is a classical, fashionable, traditional and modern city, and is an open city with infinite glamour.

Panyu is a city of hub and industry. There is Asia's largest high-speed rail passenger terminal - Guangzhou South Railway Station, and the modern three-dimensional integrated transport system makes Panyu become a strategic transport hub to connect the PRD city group with South China region. Panyu enjoys brisk economy and developed industry,and the automotive industry, equipment manufacture, commerce and tourism, jewelry, games and animation, and lighting and audio equipment sector have provided the economic development, quality improvement and efficiency enhancement with a solid foundation.

Panyu is an innovative and vibrant town. There is Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center that gathers scientific, educational and innovative resources of South China. With the HEMC as the core, it plans to develop Guangzhou International Innovation City with an area of ​​73 km2, therefore it provides the public entrepreneurship and innovation with a good platform support, furthermore it adds vitality and lasting motivation to this hot land of investment and this an ideal place for living and working.

At an entirely new starting point, we will scientifically grasp the new normalcy of economic development, fully implement the “innovation-leading and two-wheel-driving” strategy, focus on promotion of investments, technologies and talents, and accelerate the construction of a creative and fashion metropolitan area. We broadly and sincerely invite and welcome all guests, businessmen and friends to visit Panyu, invest in and pioneer at Panyu.

Welcome to Panyu!