Power supply

The electricity grids in Panyu city are one of the key networks in the power system in Guangdong Province. There are over 20 electricity substations with capacity from 110 to 220 kilovolts. Four main-supply lines lead from the Land-Tip Power Plant to the city, and over 220 thousand kilometers of the grid lines flies across the villages and townships in the whole city. Apart from the normal power supply by the provincial grids, the city has injected 2.6 billion Yuan to build four local-run power plants in the Plume Hill area, Lotus Hill Township and Nansha ETDZ with their total installed capacity of 8.38 billion kilowatts. And their total annual Power consumption of Panyu reaches 3.55 billion kilowatts. The power grids in Panyu city are well-developed with reliable supplies, and fees for power consumption are restrictedly subject to the provincial standard norms on electricity price.